About Hayes Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Hayes Heating was established in 1978 by Tim and Linda Hayes.

Tim and Linda moved from Virginia with their two young children in 1978. Tim had sold solar heating installations for several years in Virginia before moving to the Northwest, and by that time was already a committed conservationist.

His parents, Retired Colonel Jack W. & Margee Hayes, let Tim and his family stay with them as they established their new business in the greater Seattle area. Tim started out by selling solar heating installations out of Jack and Margee's basement. When the tax credits for solar expired, Tim looked for a new way to help families with their heating needs while still promoting energy conservation.

He started cleaning & servicing furnaces to make them more energy efficient. He worked on oil, gas & electric and quickly expanded to repairs and installations, eventually passing on his collective experience and wisdom to his son Kirtan (who himself has been servicing furnaces since the age of 13).

Today Hayes Heating & Cooling works on all brands, models and types of heating systems. We are proud to say that we have helped thousands of families in the Pacific Northwest area to save energy, money and the environment.